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>>That is the biggest fear we at Channel 7 have about the  possibility 
of NBC buying WHDH, in that they would move Master Control to  New 
York and we would all get laid off.<<
You may be right.  The O&O's are now all operated  in NY, Burbank, and Miami. 
Usually, they even get rid of the Chief Engineer  along with MCR and the 
stations become news based. Each station has the  capability to break in with news 
from the station and that is about all. 
The NYC Hub has one person per three stations, and as long as nothing is  
going on, it works very well. If there is something newsworthy in one to  three 
markets it is still manageable. When something national happens it is  fun to 
There is an area next to the Hub that records all of the local stuff  from 
the stations to be integrated into the HUB MCR. It works  satisfactorily, not 
like a local MCR, but satisfactorily.
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