Something to watch out for...

Larry Weil
Sun Nov 16 14:41:37 EST 2008

At 2:04 PM -0500 11/16/08, Garrett Wollman wrote:
>I suppose that if Fox ends up buying WSVN, they could fairly easily
>take WLVI off Ansin's hands at the same time.  That would presumably
>mean the end of news on 56.  NBC couldn't take it (they already own in
>this market).  There's nobody else in the business with access to
>capital on reasonable terms right now.

Well, I guess Fox could operate WLVI from the WFXT facilities, but I 
don't know if Fox would want to operate a CW affiliate, or even if 
they're allowed to.

I don't see where NBC couldn't also own/operate WLVI, as CBS 
owns/operates WBZ and WSBK.  But I don't think they would want to.

In any case it probably wouldn't be good for those of us who work here.

Larry Weil
WHDH/WLVI Master Control

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