Boston FM HD Coverage

Mark Casey
Sun Nov 16 10:50:44 EST 2008

Just asked an engineer friend at VT Public Radio and he says IBOC FM HD is 
20db down from the main signal, but that there is a pr0posal to raise it 
to -10db.

So, for example,  a 20,000 watt main FM analog signal the FM HD is 200 
watts. In the same example the proposal would raise it to 2000 watts.

Even a 200 watt signal from the Pru or 128 towers isn't bad.

I don't know if the AM specs are same, but if they are, a similar 200 watt 
signal on HD AM , in a market like Boston, would not have nearly the same 
impact as the HD FM example

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> If WBZ does see a profitable future in covering more of New England
 > than the Boston area, then maybe HD radio would be a cost
 > effective vehicle.

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