letters to Globe re: Talk radio article

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@mail.com
Fri Nov 14 13:33:02 EST 2008

Today's Globe has several letters to the editor about the Tolz/Elman talk radio article. I
would like to mention the one from "Stephen in Cambridge" in which he said that Obama's
election may have been most due to "factors talk radio couldn't affect" such as the
media's "favor" with him (MSNBC, CNN, broadcast networks), the bad rep Republicans
got after W, and the "staggering" amount of money Obama's campaign spent. (Obama
broke a promise to only accept public funding. It was thought that there would be
a huge number of "527" coalition ads, but due to the bad economy, there were hardly

(Stephen closes by saying that since Obama only won by a few percentage points in
the popular vote, maybe THAT is a sign of talk radio's influence--not so much liberal
talk radio helping Obama, but conservative talk radio helping McCain, to keep the
popular vote as close as it was, given those factors.)


Other letters can be seen, including one from L.A. prog. talker Johnny Wendell (known locally
as "Johnny Angel" from several rock bands). A friend of mine in L.A. sent me a tape of
Wendell's show on Super Tuesday, and he had Howie Carr call in with his opinions... 


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