WBZ HD speculation & HD future

Martin Waters martinjwaters@yahoo.com
Fri Nov 14 10:54:37 EST 2008

--- On Thu, 11/13/08, Sean Smyth <sean.smyth@yahoo.com> wrote:
> I don't see Massachusetts as the type of state that
> would support a statewide network, like Radio PA or NJN
> (though I am surprised it's happened there) or what have
> you.

    Different states, different situations. Pa. has mega population centers on extreme ends of the state and some medium-large ones in-between, and is far larger in area. N.J. has moderate to heavy population almost everywhere.

     The four counties of western Massachusetts have only 13 percent of the population. If you arbitrarily add to that half of Worcester County's population to represent what's west of a north-south line through the western boundary of Worcester (and I presume that actually way more than half the county's population is in the eastern half), you have 17 percent in the "west."

    Also, IMO, folks out there are just as interested in state government and politics news as anyone else. They just don't get as much of it.     

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