Friedman commentary: FNC not likely to sag from Obama election

Richard Chonak
Fri Nov 14 02:10:58 EST 2008

In the cable (radio-with-pictures-but-delivered-via-wires) dept.:

Jon Friedman (Marketwatch) offers some reasons why Fox News Channel 
stands to keep doing well despite the election of Barack "the 
Wonderworker" Obama:{94305B75-EEC2-4AF6-A709-C20F399A1767}&dist=morenews

To summarize Friedman's points: (a) Fox's core audience is loyal; (b) 
Roger Ailes isn't a slacker; (c) FNC prefers to present itself as an 
outsider and did just fine during the Clinton years;  (d) network stars 
O'Reilly and Hannity have re-upped, while Glenn Beck has made the jump 
from CNNHN, and  (e) oh, the network had superb ratings in October.

All of which sounds pretty reasonable to me.   I find FNC a mixed bag, 
with some very worthwhile programs (e.g., Special Report); and even some 
shows that I consider unwatchable (Hannity & Colmes) do seem to be 
genuinely popular.

And who would have thought that Fox News would end up running an acerbic 
and funny late-night panel show (Red Eye)?  (Does it even register on 
the ratings?)


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