Have you seen today's Boston Globe?...

Don A donald_astelle@yahoo.com
Thu Nov 13 12:53:04 EST 2008

>> We had it before, and I don't remember scores of stations being dragged
>> into court.
> Because they gave in to regulation.

Or because they gave into fairness.

> In comes down to whether or not you want the government to be able to 
> impact programming.  I don't.

The government has always impacted programming in some sense or another.

It comes down to whether you think people who use the public airwaves have 
some obligation to be responsible or not.  I do.

It also comes down to whether you think someone who is unfairly attacked 
(not neccessarily a public person/politician) should have any recourse. I 

(Take a look at the Red Lion case.)

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