chris2526 chris2526@comcast.net
Thu Nov 13 01:48:51 EST 2008

Interesting topic just a few observations, I remember the jingle WBZ 
Boston....WBZA Springfield...look no further you have found the station most 
up-to-date in town with music and news the best around
WBZ Boston 1030...1030...1030

While working in Florida years ago I did vacation coverage for a friend Jim 
Free the CE at WAPE, it was a common tale that two AM stations covered the 
entire east coast from Eastport, Maine to Miami, they were WOR 710 and WAPE 
You could get great signals from both in Virginia Beach, there was a Cuban 
on 690 that caused problems south of Miami..

Have noticed lots of ground wave-skywave cancellation lately on WBZ
as close in as Andover on I-93.

I have a recent model Ford SUV,  the FM section is quite good,
the AM is exceptional, no internal electrical noise from the car...hope
it stays that way as the car ages.
Can and do listen to WCBS during the day all the way across the NH 
border....WFAN also OK, WOR and WABC listenable.
Tonight I once again heard the 740 in Newfoundland strong under
CHWO, I think the call letters are VOCR.

Dan, if you are out and about in the Merrimack Valley some day
drive across 495 from Lowell to Lawrence or vice versa listening
to WLLH day or night...no one I know has been able to hear any
interaction what-so-ever since the new Harris DAX-1 transmitters
were installed, it was minimal with the Harris SX-1's.
The external oscillator feeds to the SX-1's required a sine wave but the 
DAX-1's need a square wave, this seems to have improved the interaction.
I plan to do something with the two 92.1's in the near future, now there is 
a slight delay on the 92.1 in Maine due to a model difference
between the Optimod 8200's with no way to adjust the delay as with the newer 

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