What if WBZ had gone 500KW????

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Of course, back when the super-power idea was alive, nobody had heard
of IBOC. In fact, I don't think the FCC had yet thought of including
the contributions of adjacent-channel stations in AM NIF calculations.
And even today, AM NIF calculations don't include the effects of IBOC,
which is on-channel for first-adjacent signals. Correctly including
IBOC in the NIF calculations would nail the coffin shut for nighttime
IBOC. And since the powers that be at the NAB, which controls the FCC,
don't want the coffin nailed shut, the calculations don't even pay
lip service to IBOC.

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>> Another consideration would have been the effect
>> on co-owned KDKA. WBZ's nighttime skywave signal
>> would have blown KDKA out of the water right in
>> the city of Pittsburgh.
> Especially with their raised adjacent-channel IBOC
> noise that would've resulted from such an increase.
> EP

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