Radio in Ireland and the UK.

Scott Fybush
Mon Nov 10 12:20:53 EST 2008

Dave Doherty wrote:
> In the late 1960s, I worked at 5KW WOKO 1460 in Albany and 50KW WGY 810 
> in Schenectady. I also applied at one point to work at 50KW WPTR 1540.
> WOKO got QSL cards from Scandanavia on a regular basis. Its night 
> pattern put most of the energy to the NNE, and the great circle path put 
> the signal right in the path of Northern Europe.
> I never saw a single QSL card from Europe for WGY. There was a strong 
> signal on the frequency in the UK, as I recall.

That was probably the critical factor - at the time, 809 kHz would have 
been one of the frequencies in Europe's 9 kHz spacing, later changed to 
spot-on 810 kHz. BBC Scottish Home Service ran two 100 kWs on 809 back 
then, per my 1967 World Radio TV Handbook - those are the transmitters 
at Burghead and Westerglen that are now BBC Radio Scotland on 810. There 
was also a 135 kW signal from Skopje, Yugoslavia on 809 back then.

Those would have done a number on anything coming over the pole from 


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