SNL spoofs Keith Olbermann's Countdown.

A. Joseph Ross
Sun Nov 9 16:13:08 EST 2008

On 8 Nov 2008 at 15:00, Larry Weil wrote:

> Rachel Maddow has Pat Buchannan on as a regular, they are very polite
> while usually disagreeing on everything.

Yes, and I remember her having someone on from the McCain campaign 
and being similarly polite.  In fact, it was mentioned that she was 
trying for some time to get someone from the McCain campaign on.

I must confess, I can't remember any specific instances of 
conservatives being on Keith Olbernan's show, but there are others 
around here who watch it more often than I do.

I must say, I find Keith's ranting style a bit tiresome even when I 
agree with him.  I like Rachel's style a lot better.

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