WTIC loses CT sunset to TX sunset protection

Mark Casey map@mapinternet.com
Sun Nov 9 09:59:19 EST 2008

The referenced document does not say that WTIC has to go to night power at 
Hartford sunset but, that WTIC loses protection for the additional area 
covered by it's non-directional signal extended after Hartford's sunset 
until the Dallas sunset. The modification does not order WTIC to make any 
changes to its operation.

So, as a practical matter, WTIC may encounter some additional interference 
in its western (non-nightime groundwave) coverage areas between Hartford and 
Dallas sunset.

Mark Casey

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Subject: WTIC must switch to night pattern earlier

Has anyone noticed that WTIC Hartford has been ordered to switch to
their nighttime pattern at local sunset instead of Dallas sunset?  A
friend of mine pointed this out, and the document is at:


This is because of action filed by two Michigan stations--WCAR Livonia
(1090) and WOAP Waverly (1080) that feel their signals are being
interfered with by WTIC's skywave signal between Hartford and Dallas


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