WTIC must switch to night pattern earlier

Scott Fybush scott@fybush.com
Sat Nov 8 22:09:55 EST 2008

Paul B. Walker, Jr. wrote:
> Interfered with?
> The way I read it was that it had to do with WOAP wanting a power upgrade
> and something like that.. I think, lol.
> I only skimmed the document.

Here's what's going on:

WTIC can still remain on its daytime non-directional facility until 
Dallas sunset. However, the FCC has decided that it (and other stations 
in a similar situation, which isn't many of them) now only gets 
protection for its nighttime skywave signal, not for the "extra" skywave 
coverage it enjoyed for that hour or so between Hartford and Dallas sunset.

That opened up a little hole for the Michigan station on 1080 to upgrade.

In reality, it probably won't affect WTIC's coverage very much, and not 
at all within the station's home market. But it sets an interesting 
precedent for a further breakdown of skywave protection. It will be 
interesting to see where this all leads.


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