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Sat Nov 8 14:59:21 EST 2008

One thing you might call it--if you were of a mind to do so--is
enforcement of anti-trust regulations. Where the "product" is
information that listeners need to form valid opinions of their own,
you SHOULD call it that. It should be the responsibility of all
trustees of the public resources that disseminate such information
(here I am clearly referring to broadcast licensees) to provide the
public with EQUAL access to ALL relevant information. To the extent
that access to all of the information is less than equal, the
licensees have failed in their responsibility. I think that means that
a licensee should not be able to say that the public can get the other
side of the story somewhere else. Equal access has to be equal.

And the argument that advertisers will support providing access to
only one side of an issue should carry no weight. Licensees who don't
like fulfilling their responsibilitues should feel free to surrender
their broadcast licenses.

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> If a business is forced to sell a product that it doesn't want to
> sell or if it is forced to give up shelf space to another product,
> what would you call that?
> Bill O'Neill

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