fairness doctrine

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I think that was kinda why I mentioned it in the first place.
I too am liberal on about 70 percent of the issues.
I have always historically believed in a fairness doctrine.
But after watching this election cycle though, I'm beginning to rethink the

That said, the traditional media does seem to be petering off in sections.
Who knows if any of this will even matter anymore in four years.
Wi-fi radios are now being installed in cars. When this happens to the level

of terrestrial or satellite, anyone and their brother can set up shop and
with the potential to reach a large audience. Selling it and making money
will be 
difficult and so will building an audience. But reaching that audience will
be easy. 

I listen to 3wk.com sometimes at work, if I don't feel like playing any of
my programmed
stuff on the computer. I was shocked last Christmas season to hear ads from
Kay Jewelers
and Toyota on the station. That goes to show you that if you can build an
audience, you 
can sell it and make a living. 

Tony Schinella
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>Wow!  Donna and I agree?!?!?!?!?

Hey, miracles do happen... 8-)   But actually, as many of you know, I 
don't see myself as an ideologue... I'm a leftie on many issues, and 
rightie on a few.  But I always try to be courteous to people on the 
other side of an issue and not demonize those with whom I don't agree.  

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