WRKO to carry Carr's induction to Radio Hall of Fame

Alan Tolz atolz@comcast.net
Fri Nov 7 07:37:15 EST 2008

Jerry's RHOF speech is also at http://www.jerrywilliams.org .  Go to "Audio 
Slips", then "misc".

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Subject: WRKO to carry Carr's induction to Radio Hall of Fame

Howie Carr mentioned tonight that WRKO will carry his induction into the 
Radio Hall of Fame
on Saturday night from 10 to 11 pm Eastern, live from Chicago. (Carr will do 
his show
tomorrow from WGN's studios.) He will get a grand total of 90 seconds for 
his speech.

I still have a bit of tape from when Jerry Williams went into the RHOF and 
they cut him
off by having the band play "Yakety Yak". He was not pleased. I think if you 
go to
the RHOF site you can hear the acceptance speeches from past awards (in some 
when the inductee has passed on, you will hear someone accept it for 
for example, they inducted Jean Shepherd a few years ago. "Shep" died in 


There's a list of affiliates carrying it and also a video streamcast can be 

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