Fairness Doctrine

Don A donald_astelle@yahoo.com
Fri Nov 7 01:26:42 EST 2008

>>>> Considering the number of people who contributed to the
>>>> Republican campaign, it stands to reason that they might want to
>>>> know what was done with that money (and in case you didn't
>>>> already know this, the story was not her wardrobe, but how it was
>>>> paid for..
>> This was paid for by people who willingly gave money to the campain
>> to get McCain elected.  A wardrobe for Palin is part of that task.
>> I have yet to see a campain contributor that was complaining about
>> the wardrobe budget.
> Don, I'd like you to meet Saul Anuzis, the Republican Party chairman for
> the state of Michigan. I don't think I'd call him a "lefty," but I think
> I would call him appalled.

OK...there's one.  But as the ship was going down, some people are simply 
looking for cover.

>> One top party fundraiser told NEWSWEEK that, ever since the story
>> broke on Politico.com, he was bombarded with calls from Republican
>> donors

I don't believe "bombarded" with calls.  Again, people looking for cover.

> who were "furious" that their contributions were used for such
>> purposes.

What they are probably more furious about is that it got played like it did 
in the press...and the fact that it originated with someone *inside* the 
campain who had let the information out.

As the campain wound down, it was turning into a circular firing squad.

> (The footnote to the Obama-aunt story: I agree with Donna and others who 
> have pointed out that it's more than a little interesting to question why 
> the supposedly confidential information about her immigration status 
> suddenly broke into the news just a few days before the election.

How about if they simply asked a neighbor?

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