fairness doctrine

Don A donald_astelle@yahoo.com
Fri Nov 7 01:16:00 EST 2008

>>Am I mistaken, or did not talk show hosts such as Jerry Williams, Steve
>>Fredericks, Avi Nelson, Paul Benzaquin, etc., operate their programs just
>>fine during the time the Fairness Doctrine was in force?
> That's exactly my point.  It's a myth-- usually put forth by my 
> friends on the right-- that all freedom of opinion was stifled under 
> the Fairness Doctrine.  Quite the opposite is true, as my 
> soon-to-be-released book will point out.  The 1960s was the first 
> major era of opinionated talk shows, and those talkers came from both 
> the right and the left-- righties had plenty of big stars-- it was 
> the era of Joe Pyne ("Go gargle with razor blades!") and other 
> conservative talkers of the Michael Savage ilk, and they all had no 
> problem getting huge ratings.  But there were liberal talkers on 
> their stations, and they too got huge ratings.  And the public heard 
> both sides of all the major issues, and life went on.

Wow!  Donna and I agree?!?!?!?!?

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