fairness doctrine

Bill O'Neill billohno@gmail.com
Thu Nov 6 19:00:01 EST 2008

Garrett Wollman wrote:
> I'd just like to point out, for the sake of the record, that not all
> the major issues have exactly two sides to them.  Indeed, I would
> argue that there are a lot more issues with odd numbers of sides.  One
> of the problems with any attempt to ensure "balance" is that they
> rarely recognize that reality isn't usually delivered in dichotomies.
> And that's my last word on the topic.
I'll flame-down with this one -- I was just watching C-Span (I know, 
totally different medium but...) who offers two studio numbers depending 
upon point of view, opinion, party, ideology. They queue them up and 
alternate them. One 'side' may be queued 10 lines back, with vigor, 
while the other may be gasping for one or two. However, both points of 
view get equal play. Is that fairness? I think not.  Enjoy the trip, GW

Bill O'Neill

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