Fairness Doctrine

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As I have written previously in other forums, the half-aunt thing goes to
the heart of the Biblical principle of being your brother's keeper.
Over and over again, Obama espoused this principle on the campaign trail,
lecturing all of us on what he thought we should do. 
But instead of opening up his checkbook to help his half-aunt, the same aunt
he wrote about so eloquently in his book, his campaign attacks the press ...
for doing their job. You can't lecture all of us on Biblical principle and
let your half-brother live in squalor in a shack 
or allow your half-aunt to live illegally in the country in a housing
project on the taxpayer's dime ... 
The fact that not one single newspaper that was supportive of Obama
editorialized about this is disturbing. 
The fact that it received limited attention in the media compared to Sarah
Palin's hair styling and wardrobe expenses is sad.
Anyone who turned into talk radio, was educated about the issue and the
hypocrisy. But would they have been if 
there was government enforced balance of the likes that I have always
traditionally supported? I don't know.

I admit that I never liked Obama or McCain. I'm not looking at this from a
political standpoint.
The point is the balance about coverage. The newspapers and TV stations
seemed overwhelmingly one-sided. It was shocking. 
I could go on and on about all of Biden's crap which never seemed to make it
into the three daily newspapers that I read.
Conservative talk radio provided some much needed balance to all the
Maybe others don't see it. No problem. But it sure looked obvious to me. 

Tony Schinella
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>The point is....why couldn't a Boston paper find out this 
>information in their own backyard......be it a 'rightie' OR a 'lefty'?

Perhaps because it didn't seem to many like "news"-- it was kind of 
suspicious that suddenly this story leaked a couple of days before 
the elections, and given that there were bigger issues, I assume many 
newspapers didn't see it as a priority. 

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