Fairness Doctrine

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You know, I've been thinking about this too. 

I have always been an advocate of the fairness doctrine for TV and radio.
Unlike newspapers, magazines, books, or Web sites, 
you just can't legally start a TV or radio station to compete with another
station if you don't like the viewpoints of their hosts.
And while conservatives say NPR is "liberal talk," it truly isn't that
liberal on economic issues. They are just as corporate.

But after watching this election cycle, I'm leaning towards no longer
supporting the fairness doctrine.
The simple fact is that most of the newspapers were totally in the tank for
Obama/Biden. They should have listed the media on their 
campaign reports as an in-kind donation. They attacked Sarah Palin over the
most trivial things and ignored major hypocrisies with the Dems. 
They didn't report Biden gaffes but wrote about Palin's clothing budget. 
Look at the illegal alien aunt of Obama's, who illegally donated money to
the campaign, living in a Southie housing project story. 
That didn't make my daily newspaper but every time Palin had a gaffe, it was
in there. The coverage was so one-sided it made me 
embarrassed to call myself a newspaper editor. And we still don't know where
Obama stands on many of the major issues 
because he never told us. He just pushed his hope dope. 

So long as the printed press is going to only report one side of the news,
why should we force talk radio to report both sides? 
In many ways, the current situation, is an equal force between media

Did I just say that? Wow. Shocker. 

Tony Schinella
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What's the likelihood of a return of the Fairness Doctrine?

I, for one, would consider it a disaster for terrestrial radio's future.

Bill O'Neill
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