Dennis & Callahan criticized for "election postponed" joke

Don A
Wed Nov 5 17:07:13 EST 2008

>> I didn't ask for the "it's obvious" response, and I know what a license 
>> is.  Show me where, at law, public ownership of the radio spectrum is 
>> conferred.<<
>> The language of license renewal pre- or post-filing announcements is not 
>> the law.

However it's the assumption of what the current legal understanding is/was.

>> Cite it.  I'm perfectly willing to be persuaded by evidence, but so far 
>> no one has it.

Again, can you site where public ownership of oxygen is conferred?  (So far 
you haven't.)

Yet, the government puts restrictions on it's use and abuse.

I don't doubt if there was a limited supply of air (as there is spectrum) 
the government would restrict anyone from having the ability to use/abuse, 
monopolize or claim "ownership".

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