Work Being Done On WNNW-AM 800 Tower

Laurence Glavin
Wed Nov 5 14:41:18 EST 2008

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>When WXCT Southington, CT had some cellular antennas put on one tower, they were simply at extremely low power for a day or two, for >the safety of the crews..

>If it's not safe for them to climb the towers and mount antennas when the station is on the air and you make references to a >broadcast day being "expendable".. when do you propose they put an antenna up there? 

>Paul Walker

With winter coming, there may not be any more occasions when space on the WNNW tower is
rented to anyone;  but in the spring (which in New England can be a tumultuous time
of year weatherwise), Sundays from surise until noon or so might be a good time.  Perhaps
they chose Tuesday because the weather was ideal, the deal had been made, and there were no 
Shaheen-Sununununu (I know how to spell his name...I just don't know when to stop)  spots
to run.

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