Work Being Done On WNNW-AM 800 Tower

Paul B. Walker, Jr.
Wed Nov 5 13:32:18 EST 2008

When WXCT Southington, CT had some cellular antennas put on one tower, they
were simply at extremely low power for a day or two, for the safety of the

If it's not safe for them to climb the towers and mount antennas when the
station is on the air and you make references to a broadcast day being
"expendable".. when do you propose they put an antenna up there?

Paul Walker

On Tue, Nov 4, 2008 at 1:29 PM, Laurence Glavin <> wrote:

> Recently, I made reference to the fact that the former 93.7 FM antenna that
> for
> decades was attached to the AM 800 tower in Andover had been removed.  For
> several
> hours today (Tuesday, Election Day) WNNW-AM has been off-the-air.  In the
> days when
> it was the home of WCCM-AN and operating with 1,000 watts days, apparently
> the station
> did not have an auxiliary transmitter, so I've observed several occasions
> when it
> was silent in those days.  But now they have a 3kw transmitter with IBOC,
> and on at
> least one occasion, I've observed that they were using an auxiliary
> transmitter because
> there was no hash, and if I turned my radio "sideways" to Andover, I got a
> slight signal
> from Schenectady's WGY.  So on a hunch, I drove over to West Andover, and
> sure enough,
> there were several trucks parked at the base of the tower, and two men were
> installing what
> looked like a cellar antenna.  Undoubtedly, Costa-Eagle is promoting their
> tower to
> cellular and other entities as a place to position their antennas.  So a
> whole day
> of broadcasting is expendable to grow their revenue by renting tower space.
>  Of course
> it's a warm, sunny, windless day, ideal for such work.  I wonder how many
> times AM 800 will be
> silent so the riggers can install new antennas.
> BTW, Providence's AM 790 is coming in quite well all over Lawrence and
> Methuen, and I got a faint
> signal from CJAD in Montreal at mid-day (between 11:30 am and noon this
> time of year); and of course WGY
> is, as usual when AM 800 is absent, quite audible.

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