Boston pirate

Eli Polonsky
Wed Nov 5 10:27:45 EST 2008

Tuesday, November 4, 2008 11:58 PM
To:"Dave Doherty" <>

> > Their website even has an address:
> >
> > Choice 102.9 FM
> > 452 Norfolk Street
> > Boston, MA 02124

> > That's about 10km from the Garden. The address looks like 
> > a residence. If that's the transmitter site, they've got to 
> > be running serious power to be heard at the Garden. My guess 
> > is the actual operation is much closer in to downtown.
> 452 Norfolk St. is indeed their transmitter site. The FCC has 
> visited there on several occasions, but it has not effect.

He's correct. Like "Big City 101.3", "Choice 102.9" puts out
a lot of power and can be heard well beyond Route 128 in most
directions, as well as in Boston proper. It is strongest in 
the Dorchester/Mattapan area (near Norfolk St.), though.

These two high-powered pirates (and others) have been on the 
air from the inner city for at least a couple of years now.
If you're regular Boston area radio listeners, I'm surprised
that you haven't already heard them yet. 


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