Some Pioneer Valley notes

Dave Doherty
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> No, the preacher on WLHZ-LP never stops screaming. My friend drove through 
> a
> few weeks ago and heard basically the same thing.
> You mean WBNW 1120, right? 1120 and 970 are owned by Barry Armstrong, host
> of Money Matters.
> I have a few clips of WPLY/WWOD when there was some kind of outage at the
> transmitter site but the studios and streaming were working fine.. and you
> hear a weather bed and community calendar music ebd just roll on..and
> on..... annnnd on.
> A google search shows the WHHB Faculty advisor is Mr. Chris Murphy
> Paul Walker
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>> I took today, the last weekday this year with five hours of afternoon,
>> off from work so I could drive around the Pioneer Valley.  (Is that an
>> admission of having no life or what?)  Some notes:
>> o WESO (970D Southbridge) // WBNW-590 with brokered business talk
>> o WSCB (89.9A Springfield) noted on air with open carrier and stereo
>> pilot.
>> o WMAS (1450 Springfield) failed to ID.
>> o Does that Spanish-language preacher on WLHZ-LP (107.9 Springfield)
>> ever stop screaming?
>> o There's no convenient place to stop between Northampton and South
>> Hadley that has a decent signal from both WOZQ (91.9A N'ton) and WMHC
>> (91.5A S. Hadley).
>> o WOZQ did not identify.
>> o WNMH (91.5A Northfield) is supposedly on 24x7 automation, but it was
>> not on the air when I passed.
>> o WKBK (1290B Keene) and WZBK (1220D Keene) are both now on
>> translators (mounted on the WZBK tower); the hourly IDs for both
>> stations identify the translators.  (WKVT-1490 is also // WZBK.)
>> o The WKNE etc. studio building looks to have been completely
>> remodeled since I was last there about a decade ago.
>> o WEEY (93.5A Swanzey) has been running the raw WEEI feed with no
>> local ID the past couple of times I've passed through Keene.
>> o The former WPLY-FM (96.3A Walpole) is still simulcasting WWOD-104.3
>> despite having recently changed calls.
>> o Franklin Pierce College upgraded to a University but the campus
>> station is still WFPC-LP.
>> On the way home, I stopped by Holliston High School.  Sadly, whatever
>> educational program the station has doesn't seem to have penetrated
>> the skull of the kid who was on between 7:40 and 8:20.  Not only was
>> there no legal ID, but he or she never even cracked the mic in all
>> that time.  The square waves sounded like they were coming from a
>> teenager's iPod on shuffle, complete with two-second pauses between
>> tracks.  PICON?  It's not clear from the HHS Web site who the
>> responsible adult is.
>> -GAWollman

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