Some Pioneer Valley notes

Garrett Wollman
Sat Nov 1 00:43:09 EDT 2008

<<On Fri, 31 Oct 2008 22:31:36 -0500, "Paul B. Walker, Jr." <> said:

> Its SUPPOSED to be 7 Watts at 367 feet from West of Springfield.

It's on a communications tower at the southern end of the ridge west
of Holyoke.  They couldn't have picked a better channel: right in the
gap between WVPS (full C from Mt. Mansfield) and WEBE (B from
Westport); WGNA in Albany precludes any local first-adjacents, and
WGNA and WAAF preclude any local second-adjacents.

(In case anybody's wondering, the section 73.207 spacing for A into C
co-channel is 226 km; for A into B it's 178 km.  C2s and C3s get less
protection than Bs do.)


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