Ch.7 w/Reduced Power (In DTV Transition?)

A. Joseph Ross
Wed May 28 15:53:32 EDT 2008

On 28 May 2008 Dan.Strassberg wrote:

> The worst problems appear to result from a fundamental flaw in the
> design of the DTV signal/system. The first thing to go is the audio.
> It clearly should be the last. The video artifacts can be annoying,
> but the audio dropouts are fatal to following the thread of the
> content. If the audio were listenable, you could live without the
> video in most cases; the converse is not true. The geniuses who
> designed the system should have given the highest priority to the
> robustness of the audio, but they didn't. What were they thinking?

Probably the same thing as those who design most TV receivers with 
poor audio: that television is for watching, not listening.  Bad 
idea, but that's the way people have been thinking for years.  
Probably the last time TV sound got the attention it deserves was 
when the designers of the original analog TV system made TV sound FM.

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