Ch.7 w/Reduced Power (In DTV Transition?)

Laurence Glavin
Wed May 28 14:32:31 EDT 2008

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> Sheesh! I hope not! 

>I'm not sure what you are hoping won't happen, but channel 7 will 
>definitely be staying on 7. See exhibit 4 to their most recent FCC 
>form 387 (BDTRCT-20080215AHT). No other Boston station will be on 
>VHF, but WMUR-TV will be going back to 9 and WENH will be keeping 11; 
>WPRI-TV will be on 13. 

Here's question: can a station now operating in analog on VHF channel 7 
keep using its channel 7 transmitting antenna if it reverts to channel 7 
for DTV after February 19th? Right now, there's a channel 7 AND a channel 
42 antenna atop the Sunbeam Broadcasting standalone tower in Newton. Their
co-owned outlet, WLVI-TV, aanalog channel 56, digital channel  41 remains 
for now on the candelabra tower in nearby Needham.  Knowing Sunbeam's propensity 
to save a buck, could they apply to operate WLVI on channel 42 instead after
the transition date, and then utilize the antenna now in place (thus
ending the rental costs over on the candelabra)?

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