Pattern Changes and You

Roger Kirk
Tue May 27 23:04:12 EDT 2008

Bill O'Neill wrote:
> And pity the poor slob who broke ranks and dared to open the studio 
> window while the AC was running.
When I worked at WKTQ South Paris, the transmitter (Gates BC1G) was in 
the control room.  And there was no window.  On a summer day, the poor 
air conditioner strained mightily to keep up. Oh, and the huge clunky 
Gates Console, Gates Turntable pre-amps, Gates compresser/limiter, 
Conelrad Receiver and Ampex 601 - they were all toasty-warm tube 
equipment, too.  Only the cart machine (yes "the" cart machine) was 
transistorized.  Lots of heat load for a fine August day.

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