Pattern Changes and You (was: WLS)

Jim Hall
Tue May 27 18:41:37 EDT 2008

Jess Cain used to have fun with the pattern change in the morning. He'd say
"stand by while the engineer in Needham goes out and rotates the swamp" or
"those of you in Framingham who can't hear us now...hold on a minute". It
was always a very noticeable thing:  the carrier would drop completely for a
couple seconds (sometimes I would even hear KOA briefly). 
There is a picture of the phasor controls at
and it almost looks like someone has to walk up to it and turn the knob
(though I'm not sure that is the current may be an old one). 

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How much control/foreknowledge does the on-air staff (or even the  
board op, these days) have of the pattern change?  Is it fully  
automated on stations like WEEI? If so, you won't necessarily know  
when it's going to happen without consulting an ephemerides table...


On 27 May 2008, at 17:31, Kevin Vahey wrote:

> It drives me nuts how sloppy WEEI is with the pattern change. CLUNK
> There is no excuse for a station with a talk format.

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