Pattern Changes and You (was: WLS)

Bill O'Neill
Tue May 27 17:01:43 EDT 2008

Kevin Vahey wrote:
> Another great op was Pete Fasciano who JJ dubbed the master of the
> pattern change.
Back at WCAP (980 Lowell) the late Ike Cohen, owner/GM, was persnickety 
about poorly place pattern changes. The carrier cut is just over a 
second but it was enough to rip him, especially if during a spot. If it 
was the top hour change it was easy since the only thing lost was part 
of "the tone".  It was just  a quirk of his. 

<harp sfx in>  One mildly memorable Satdee morning at 0715 I said 
something stupid (oh, really?) like "So long, Brockton (or something 
like that)...<raise> ...Hello Henneker."  Ike came in (as he rarely did) 
but he was smiling as he walked through master control so it remained in 
the arsenal under occasional use.  Ike's background was in engineering 
(WHN and others) so technical details mattered.  And pity the poor slob 
who broke ranks and dared to open the studio window while the AC was 
running.  That was about the only thing that would inspire Ike to 
dispatch with delegating and to personally 'share feelings.'  Not 
pleasant. I'm sure there are other 980 alums lurking about who would 
concur.  <harp sfx out>

Bill O'Neill

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