That infernal hum - Radio shack

A. Joseph Ross
Tue May 27 17:06:59 EDT 2008

On 27 May 2008 Brian Vita wrote:

> I don't know if you've been in any of their stores recently but
> they've been remerchandising them.  Anything unique and useful, such
> as components, connectors, etc. is just about gone.  They've become
> just another cell phone and consumer TV/Radio store.

I tend to go to You Do It Electronics in Needham for a lot of those 
things now.  Radio Shack isn't very useful, and they're very annoying 
in the way they try to push things that I have no intention of 

A couple of years ago, they were selling this combo phonograph, 
radio, tape player, with a retro look.  A great device for playing 
old phonograph records.  It even played 78s.  I'm a little wary of 
those things, since I remember the retro solid state cathedral radios 
back in the 1980s that sounded awful.

But what I found offensive was when I was looking at the combo, a 
week or two before Father's Day, and a sales person came over and 
suggested that it might make a great gift for my father.  	I suppose 
I should have been flattered that she thought I still looked young 
enough to have a father still living, but since he's been gone since 
1989, I wasn't at all amused.

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