That infernal hum - Radio shack

Dale H. Cook
Tue May 27 14:42:05 EDT 2008

At 12:51 PM 5/27/2008, Kevin Vahey wrote:

>Anything with the Realistic lable was pure junk.

I disagree. Many products sold under that label have been and are 
rebranded items made by major manufacturers. I have a "Realistic" 
portable SW radio that is actually a Sangean, and "Realistic" 
scanners that are actually made by Uniden/Bearcat and General 
Research of Electronics (GRE). My first digital multimeter came from 
Radio Shack and was a rebranded Sinclair PDM35. I still own all of 
those items, and they all still work, including the VOM which is 
about 30 years old.

Dale H. Cook, Chief Engineer, Centennial Broadcasting, 
Roanoke/Lynchburg, VA - WZZI / WZZU / WLNI / WLEQ 

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