That infernal hum - Radio shack

Bill O'Neill
Tue May 27 13:39:41 EDT 2008

Brian Vita wrote:
> Anything unique and useful, such as components,
> connectors, etc. is just about gone.  They've become just another cell phone
> and consumer TV/Radio store.
I was checking out crank radios at RS. The clerk came up and asked if I 
needed help. Even when I don't my innate curiosity kicks in - I ask what 
they are going to do with all of their 
'end-of-time-as-we-know-it-mothers-stop-your-nursing-crank radios' 
(AM/FM/TV) after all of the TV signals go dark. He had no idea what I 
was talking about.  He did remind me, however, that it had "this really 
neat flash light with strobe-effect.  Oh, and it has this neat USB plug 
for charging your cell phone.  And, and, it makes great cappucino, and...."

That reminded me of another gizmo-crisis.  Last week while at a 
conference a sales guy from someplace was standing nearby, panicking 
because his Blackberry (or similar) was doing everything except [wait 
for it] answer his phone calls.  I finally handed him my central casting 
LG phone.  Can your beer do this?

Bill O'Neill

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