That infernal hum

A. Joseph Ross
Mon May 26 00:28:48 EDT 2008

Thanks to everyone who has answered online and off.  I thought the 
most likely solution might be a USB sound card, to which I could then 
patch my stereo system into my laptop.  That would also be 
convenient, since I could set the laptop next to the stereo and 
control things without walking back and forth.

So I went to MicroCenter today, but of the three USB soundcards they 
had, two had only an output jack, and one had only an output and a 
mike jack.  Same problem I already have.  So I'm going to look online 
and see if that solves the problem.

Baring a solution to the hum problem, other possibilities may be to 
try connecting a boom-box that I have, which plays cassettes, to my 
desk computer's soundcard.  If that works, I can then use the stereo 
to tape the records and then play the tapes into the computer.

Or I just might break down and get a CD recorder for my stereo 

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