That infernal hum!

Hakim Madjid
Sat May 24 14:02:42 EDT 2008

Counsellor Ross wrote:

>So I'm thinking of another strategy for recording records and tapes
>into computer files:  Use my laptop.  trouble is, my laptop doesn't
>have an auxiliary input jack, just a mike jack.  Anything that I play
>into that jack comes out loud and distorted.  Is there any kind of
>adapter that I can get that will make it possible to use the laptop
>for this purpose?  Or do I have to get another laptop?  That's not
>going to happen for awhile.

Go to the web site below - this gizmo should do the trick.

To interface a turntable you probably need a pre amp like this:

73 DE Hakim (N1ZFF)

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