WLOB suspends 2 talk show hosts

Chuck Igo chuckigo@maine.rr.com
Thu May 8 16:46:17 EDT 2008

Kevin Vahey wrote:
> There has to be more to this story than the paper is reporting
> http://pressherald.mainetoday.com/story.php?id=186353&ac=PHnws

Two weekend hosts at WLOB in Portland got into a very loud and heated 
exchange on the air during what is normally considered a 
cross-over/hand-off.  "hey, next guy?  What's on the show today?"
"well, now guy - today we're gonna make the vu meter needles move and take 
some phone calls"
"Great!  That's coming right up!"

What was in the paper was tame compared to what Mr.Castaldi attested to on 
camera to WGME-TV the other day.  the online story is gone as they recycle 
the links (looks like news 13's online coverage has 9 or 10 links they 

calling someone of italian heritage "f***ing G*****" is bad enough, doing so 
in the workplace with an open mic - that's a whole 'nother ball of wax.  the 
allegations of the open-mic tirade were backed-up with numerous (according 
to station management) calls of complaint.

now - as to why Mr.Cataldi is out, the tv and print coverage of the story 
has him admitting to having a change-of-shift "handoff" turn into something 
ugly - heated discussions happen (apparently their crossover thing turned 
political) - is puzzling only in that one must wonder what his offense was.

- -Chuck Igo 

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