WCAP's signal

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When I was young and lived in the Gardner-Fitchburg area, the signals of 
WCAP and WTRY overlapped.  Which one was listenable at any given time 
depended on the weather and other variables.   -Doug

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> What used to be WTRY has been WOFX (Fox Sports) for quite a few years
> now. Maybe as many as five years.
> The V-Soft Web site lists WCAP's signal strength in Brookline's 02446
> Zip code as 1.41 mV/m at night and 0.55 mV/m by day. I believe that
> Brookline's population is in the neighborhood of 29,000, right? IIRC,
> since the population exceeds 25,000, the FCC would claim that WCAP is
> not listenable in Brookline, because, to be listenable in a community
> whose population is 25,000 or more, an AM station must deliver 5.0
> mV/m or more to the community. Nevertheless, the kind of reception you
> report is consistent with the signal strengths that V-Soft reports for
> WCAP in Brookline. Neither 1.41 mV/m nor 0.55 mV/m is a very strong
> signal. In addition, as is confirmed by your report, 1.41 mV/m is far
> below WCAP's NIF value, which surely exceeds 20 mV/m and might exceed
> 40.
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>>A few years ago, I couldn't get WCAP in Brookline, day or night.  Not
>> even in my car.  I suspect the new owners may have cleaned up the
>> transmission a bit because now I can get the day signal in my car
>> quite well.  It fades a bit here and there, and it's sometimes
>> subject to interference when driving along the trolly tracks, if
>> there's a train there.  But it's a very useable signal.
>> I drove out to Sudbury today along Route 20 and found the daytime
>> signal there pretty good, but occasionally spotty.  The night signal
>> in Sudbury is readable, but it's got some major skywave
>> interference,
>> I assume from WTRY.  In Brookline, it's much better, though perhaps
>> a
>> bit weaker than the daytime signal.
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