I think they call that "Buying the wrong demo"

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>So explain this one: From what I've read, GEICO still does not sell
>auto-insurance in Mass. My car was insured by GEICO around 1973, when
>the company was in deep financial trouble (this was before Warren
>Buffet bought it) and it pulled out of Mass. I had to scramble to find
>another insurer before my policy was cancelled.
>Now, even if you don't count all of the GEICO ads that appear to be
>national buys that are seen/heard on radio and TV stations in Mass,
>the number of GEICO ads that appear to have been bought intentionally
>on Mass stations must place GEICO ad buys very near the top of
>auto-insurance ad expenditures in this state. Since GEICO doesn't sell
>auto insurance in Mass, what are they doing?

All during the time period during which "progressive Talk" was programmed 
on WXKS-AM 1430 in Boston/Everett and WKOX-AM 1200 in Framingham, many of
the local insertions for Jones and Air America shows included Geico spots,
long before Mass auto insurance "reform".   Even then, I wondered why a
company not licensed to business in the Bay State ran all those spots!
The mere fact that each station could be HEARD in neighboring states
that offered Geico service didn't mean that large numbers of people got
sufficient signal strangth from either to make such buys worthwhile. 
I always knew the WXKS-AM/WKOX operation got a hearing in Metro Boston
and Metro West because the live shows got numerous calls from Boston
and points west; not so many from RI or NH. (Stephanie Miller
in particular took at least one call in any given hour from the
Boston area, including me.)

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