Good Bye Hazel Mae

Maureen Carney
Fri Jun 27 15:57:31 EDT 2008

I can assure you she's not coming to CSN at this point. There's been no mention of her in the building, no shifting of office space or change in programming to accomodate her.

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There was a good bye party for Hazel at the Pour House last night and
all she is saying is she is staying in Boston.

So what are the possibilities?

CSN unlikely would offer her a bump in salary.

WCVB, NECN and WHDH unlikely.

FOX25?  Nobody tunes in to see Butch Sterns so that is possible.

Channel 4?  It would be a slap at Steve Burton. Still they could offer
a nice salary bump over NESN.

It's possible ESPN could be in the mix as they already provide Boston
Coach limos for 2 talents who live in Boston.


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