In Chicago True Oldies will be WLS-FM

Jeff Lehmann
Fri Jun 27 08:14:37 EDT 2008

> >>Can WPLJ be far behind becoming WABC-FM?<<
> Yes...VERY far behind.
> WZZN was doing essentially nothing in the ratings, and was ripe for a
> change.  WPLJ is an established station with strong ratings for many
> years, and is a well-known brand name.  Not gonna happen.
> Remember too that what's propping up WLS-FM is a syndicated format...Scott
> Shannon's True Oldies.  They'll have a few local shows with well-known
> local air personalities (Dick Biondi is one), but most of the programming
> will be off the bird.

Plus, WCBS-FM in NY is already basically doing the same format. These days,
there's not much "true" about "True Oldies" anymore. Back when 830 WCRN
carried the format, there was a lot more 50s/early 60s music than there is

Jeff Lehmann
Hanson, MA

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