Good Bye Hazel Mae

Maureen Carney
Fri Jun 27 08:42:52 EDT 2008

I can't see her at WBZ for 2 big reasons - outsized ego and big money. She has the former and wants the later (unless she's come to her senses about market realities), and CBS doesn't want to give up the dough anymore. She seems (IMHO) to be someone who would be a disruption in the "look at me" and "the camera wasn't on me enough" sense. Given the recent changes in the newsroom if I were GM or News Director I would have to think long and hard before I commit to that situation. Things are bad enough - why make morale worse?

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Tonight (Friday) will end the 4 year run of Hazel Mae on NESN

While she is under contract until July 31st she will vanish as of tonight.

However there are strong rumors that WBZ-TV has chosen her to replace Bob Lobel.

It does appear she is staying local.


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