RIP George Carlin

Laurence Glavin
Wed Jun 25 14:08:08 EDT 2008

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>I believe it was also Henry Morgan who did the famous forecast, "High
>winds, followed by high skirts, follwed by me." This was in the days
>of the much more famous Marilyn Monroe photo. Today, Morgan's quip
>would probably be decried as sexist and certainly politically
>incorrect. In the '50s, when he said it, I think it was just
>considered droll.

>Dan Strassberg (

Today (06/25...6 shopping months till Xmas!), Willie Geist played a
tape of the wind blowing the skirt of some female tennis player up
above her thighs on MSNBC's "Morning Joe".  Neka Brzkzqzkvzkqvzski 
pretended or really was upset about this and insisted it was time to
get back to the news.
Speaking of MSNBC, it was announced a few days ago that that channel was
being deleted from standard cable and moved to a digital tier, for which 
a cable box would be required.  Today, I received a coupon in the mail 
good for one free year of Digital Starter.  I'll probably pick it up
on Glenn Street in a less-dangerous section of Lawrence just before MSNBC 
is set to disappear.  Thus I'll also get C-Span 2 again.

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