RIP George Carlin

Laurence Glavin
Mon Jun 23 14:31:08 EDT 2008

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>Kevin Vahey wrote:
> Comedian George Carlin has died at the age of 71.
> He briefly was a jock at long forgotten WVDA 1260 before it became WEZE.
>...and it's still 67 degrees at the airport. Which is stupid 
>'cause I don't know anyone who lives at the airport.

>RIP to the Hippy Dippy Weatherman
>Bill O'Neill

Because George lived a LONGER life than his lifestyle would predict, I didn't have 
the same sense of loss as when I learned about Tim Russert's passing.  There have
been several occasions when his name appeared on the roster of celebrities on
the Massachusetts North Shore and New Hampshire (often the Casino in Hampton, NH) and
I never went, possibly putting it off to a later date.  Now I regret that.  There
may be archival footage of his not-so-routine routines on TV today, but probably
NOT the ones on which his reputation was based.
(In the days when he wore sa business suit and did the "wonderful WINO" routine, 
I often thought that the thing itself: radio in the 50's and 60's, was impervious
to lampooning.)

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