Meet-ups past and future

Bill O'Neill
Mon Jun 23 15:35:44 EDT 2008

Chuck Igo wrote:
> Scott -
>   that little building down off Berry's Mill Road WOULD have its fair 
> share of winged pests.  unless Bob's got the place neatly mowed and 
> sprayed. mosquito netting in Maine - comperable to traffic control in 
> Boston.  works really really good.  honest.  (sarcasm mode off)
> ps: how's that youngun' o' y'orn ?
Obviously, Scott will answer that question about the new edition to the 
Fybush family, but without hesitation I share with you that the true 
highlight of the visit was when Scott handed me his cell phone and I got 
to talk with his little girl, Ari. What a blessing.  There's zero doubt 
that Scott's eldest shall be able take the radio industry (or any 
industry for that matter) by storm if she so desires.  (One can never 
brag enough about wee tots.)

Bill O'Neill

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