Meet-ups past and future

Chuck Igo
Mon Jun 23 14:45:14 EDT 2008

Donna -

   the black flies are in "Maine."  we here in the Portland area are in what 
Bob Marley calls "fancy Maine."  we have running water and the most 
up-to-date farmer's almanac hangin' by the little holey-thing they put in 
those critters for just such a reason, ayuh.

suck it up, Auntie Donna.  it's an hour-forty minutes in a straight line up 
95 from Boston to Portland.  i know as i've making that trip for 30 years 
now. ;-)

  and i've suggested a couple of really nice, black-fly free spots to 

Chuck Igo

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>>Garrett wrote--
>>Scott, Mike Fitzpatrick, and I have been discussing a Maine trip in
>>late August.
> Well, don't invite us up to join you.  According to today's Boston Globe, 
> there is an absolute epidemic of black flies, and they are biting every 
> human and animal they can find.  Bigger infestation now than at any time 
> in Maine's history, in fact.  Have fun providing those critters with 
> lunch, you guys!!! :-P 

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