digital converter box -- surprising performance

A. Joseph Ross
Tue Jun 17 01:31:53 EDT 2008

On 16 Jun 2008 at 21:03, Kevin Vahey wrote:

> I personally don't want all my eggs in the same basket. I don't want
> Comcast phone service simply because cable sometimes goes out but I
> can never recall my New England Telephone, NYNEX, Bell Atlantic or
> Verizon line NOT having a dial tone no matter what.

Mine went down several times back in October 1995.  It seemed to go 
down every weekend for several weeks, and then went down for an 
entire week, while technicians kept missing appointments or showing 
up early, when I wasn't home yet.  Finally, after a week, a 
technician came on a Sunday afternoon and brought my line in on a 
different pair, finally solving the problem.

I've also had outages of a day or so on my office phone, but not for 
a long time.

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