digital converter box -- surprising performance

Brian Vita
Mon Jun 16 15:10:53 EDT 2008

 > They've gotta be kidding.  This is something they have to 
> engineer?  Purchasing small UPS's from APC or another 
> manufacturer, in bulk, would cost the customer next to 
> nothing.  I don't know what the power requirements of the 
> fiber-to-Ethernet converter are, but a UPS would likely power 
> the box for enough time to outlast the typical power failure, 
> which isn't that long.  A UPS doesn't have to be mandatory, 
> either, for people who have a cell phone and who therefore 
> won't mind losing their FiOS landline for the length of a 
> power failure.

I disagree.  Past performance shows that when there's a disaster the cell
systems get overloaded quickly.  Phone systems, landline and cellular, are
designed so that only a percentage of the phones can be used at any given
time.  With landlines it seems to be a higher percentage.  Further, if we're
talking about a localized situation, the cell tower serving that location
will be overloaded very quickly.  9/11 is a perfect, albiet extreme
illustration of this.  The cell network wasso overloaded that it was
rendered virtually useless.

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