digital converter box -- surprising performance

Sid Schweiger
Sun Jun 15 14:33:10 EDT 2008

>>I'm not a sports fan (I won't be watching the so-called big game
tonight, and I taped the "Ebert and Roper-without-Ebert" show from
channel 9 Saturday
knowing that the Sunday-night airing will be delayed or absent,
and I will probably view it while this game is on) and
therefore would gladly make this trade-off: ok I'll rent your silly box IF
you take all the ESPN's, Comcast Sports, Fox Sports, Golf Channel, and any
others I don't know about off my system AND my bill.<<

I'm no sports fan either, but sports on cable is BIG money and sports channels are among the most viewed cable channels across the board.  I myself can't wait to see the Curling Channel and Darts for Dollars.  :-)

Within a decade or two, however, the whole question may be moot.  Some cable industry analysts are predicting that cable TV will eventually become a Chinese takeout menu...pick the channels you want, and only those channels will be delivered into your home.  The addressable cable box will be outside on the pole or underground in conduit, before the RG-6 ever enters your dwelling.  The current crop of on-demand offerings are only the beginning.

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